Audio Recording for Video and Using the Zoom H4 Digital Field Recorder

Audio Recording class handouts also available here for downloading:

Audio & Video Connectors – know your cables by their proper names >> AudioVideoConnectors

Basic sound recording techniques >> SoundRecordingBasics

Know your microphones and mic pick-up patterns >> FilmmakersHandbook_Audio

And below, a video about Audio Recording to give you a preview of what we’ll be doing in class:

Audio for Video in 4 Steps – Videomaker Magazine

1. Survey the Location
2. Close the Gap
3. Choose a Mic
4. Problems & Solutions

Using the Zoom H4 Digital Field Recorder (DFR)

Here’s the complete manual >> ZoomH4_DFR


The Sony AX 2000 – we can use this one, too!

There are four of these Sony HDR AX-2000 camcorders available for our class (200-300 level production classes) to check out for use. It’s a lot like the Sony FX 1000, but it records onto an SD card rather than videotape. Besides the convenience of the record media, it’s a lighter weight camera, and might be more fun to use with a Flowpod than the heavier Canon XH A1 or the Sony FX-1000.

Here’s the complete manual >> SonyAX2000

and here’s a video about it >>