Lighting is an art as much as a science…

What is 3-point lighting? This is the basic lighting starting point for all creative manipulations of lighting >> 3PointLighting

And here is information about the equipment available for the CIN 211 class and about Lighting Safety >> LightingBasics

Here are detailed illustrated instruction sheets for the light kits available for CIN 211:

And below are videos that go over some of what we did in our Lighting Lab, and a few additional pointers about lighting a scene.

1. Video Lighting Technique: Turning a Hard Light into a Soft Light
Izzy Video by Israel Hyman – this guy is good!
This is about modifying your light quality using the Lowel DP, which is one of the kits you can check out at the Cage.

2. Videography: Lighting for Video

3. Filmmaking 101 – 3-Point Lighting Tutorial
with Steve DiCasa