Syllabus Weeks 7 – 9

WEEK 7 – Oct 22

Lab: Lighting specific situations. Bring your lighting questions for us to solve in class. For example, how can you light a moving subject from behind? Next week: quiz on lighting and lighting safety

Lab: Audio recording. Handling and use of microphones, best mics to use for particular recording situations, recording dialogue. Cables and connectors. Using boom poles, wind screens and shock mounts. Using the digital field recorders.

Mid-term assignment due Nov. 12: focus on POV and audio. This means use POV as a narrative device or a plot device. Your soundtrack will receive attention as well: voice and other sound recording, room tone, diagetic and non-diagetic sound, choice of music placement and mix, sound effects, and track mixing. Your video and audio do not have to be complicated, but you should take extra care in how you construct your image in relation to your soundtrack. Sometimes less is more, and, well, sometimes more is more. It depends on the project.

WEEK 8 – Oct 29

Quiz: Lighting and lighting safety.

Screen and discuss: Blue by Derek Jarman (UK, 1993, 79 mins.). Read Shana Beth Mason’s article on Blue from The Brooklyn Rail, Fade to Blue: On Derek Jarman’s Last Film.

Lab: Re-cap audio recording techniques.

WEEK 9 – Nov 5

Quiz: Audio recording.

Handout and discussion: Writing a Project Proposal.

Mid-term notices to individual students via email: How are you doing in this class? What can you do better? What do you need/want to focus on?

Mid-term assignment due next week, Nov. 12.

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