Syllabus Weeks 4 – 6

WEEK 4 – Oct 1

Quiz: Shooting methods and camera movement.

Lab: Re-cap on the lens, iris/aperture, f-stops, depth of field, shutter speed and zoom lens – wide angle and telephoto lens settings.

Screen and discuss: Point of View (POV), subjective perspective.
1. Montage of Stanley Kubrick’s use of one point perspective (on Vimeo at
2. POV in Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop, 1987 (
3. POV dissolves into dolly shot in Scorsese’s Goodfellas (
4. POV & special effects, Alfred Hitchcock compilation, includes aural POV (

Preliminary assignment due Oct 8: Create a film/video using specific types of shots, camera angles, and camera movement that we have been practicing during labs (3-5 min). If you are creating one large project this semester, with approval of the professor, the first installment of your project is due Oct. 8.

WEEK 5 – Oct 8

Preliminary video assignment due today: Create a film/video using specific types of shots, camera angles, and camera movement (3-5 min). Screen and critique assignments.

Handout: Film Crew Job Descriptions (director, cinematographer, cameraperson, gaffer, etc.) ‒ who does what on a professional film shoot? What is the minimum crew that you might need for making your work? And a Film Lexicon – an explanation of filmmaking crew terminology. FilmCrewJobDescriptions

Read: Chapter 7, Lighting Basics

Download and Read: Lighting Basics PDF; 3-Point Lighting PDF.

WEEK 6 – Oct 15

Lab: Lighting techniques, lighting safety. Class divides into two groups and each group creates and records a scene, or scenes, using different lighting techniques.

Screen: The Red Balloon by Albert Lamorisse (1956, 34 min.)

Read: Sound Recording Basics PDF. SoundRecordingBasics

Mid-term assignment due Nov. 12: focus on POV and audio.

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