Syllabus Weeks 13 – 15

WEEK 13 – Dec 3

Project Descriptions due today. How to write a Project Description can be found here >> How to Write a Project Description

Lab: Green Screen. Lighting the green screen and lighting the subjects. Everything you need to know to use the green screen in the large studio. We’ll be working with actors, so invite your actor-friends.

Quizzes redux: If students would like to take a quiz again to improve your grade, you will have the opportunity to do that today.

Assignment: Rough edits will be workshopped. Bring your rough edits to class for comments, tips, advice and feedback.

WEEK 14 – Dec 10

Last Day of Instruction.

Lab: Editing green screen footage using chroma key effects in Final Cut Pro.

Q&A: Digital editing Q&A. Bring your editing questions and problems to class.

Rough Edit Workshop: Bring your rough edits of your final projects to class for us to provide useful feedback.

Final Projects due next week.

WEEK 15 – Dec 17

Final Projects due today!
Please upload your Final Project .mov files to the CIN 211 folder on the desktop when you arrive at class.

Wrap party – food! videos! critiques!


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