The Sony AX 2000 – we can use this one, too!

There are four of these Sony HDR AX-2000 camcorders available for our class (200-300 level production classes) to check out for use. It’s a lot like the Sony FX 1000, but it records onto an SD card rather than videotape. Besides the convenience of the record media, it’s a lighter weight camera, and might be more fun to use with a Flowpod than the heavier Canon XH A1 or the Sony FX-1000.

Here’s the complete manual >> SonyAX2000

and here’s a video about it >>

Camera techniques, shots, movement: Camerawork!

Best Link to TYPES OF SHOTS: These will be on a quiz, so please study them!

and here is our Handout for class on Sept. 10 > CIN211_ShotTypes

Film Riot – Turn Your Tripod into a Dolly or Jib! + how to use specific shots, angles, focal length (good info, but there are lots of ads):

Film Riot – Human Cloning and Camera Techniques

VariZoom flowpod Manual

Move the Camera – Izzy Video


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Camcorder Overviews; Tripods, Monopods, Dollies + Flowpod The Canon XH A1 camcorder: The Sony FX1000 camcorder:

Manfrotto Tripods: A Monopod used as a steadicam: Doorway dolly and track: Flowpod Behind the Scenes. We have a flowpod available for checkout at the Media Lab. Please ask Dan for instructions if you are planning to use it. Flowpod test video – fun to watch: