Syllabus Weeks 1 – 3

WEEK 1 – Sep 3

Open discussion of what students want to do in this course.

Lab: hands-on introduction in HDV camcorder operation, camera settings, framing, and types of shots. Students work in small groups to practice shooting techniques on campus.

Read: Chapter 2, Shooting Methods, and Chapter 11, Camera Movement, from Cinematography Theory and Practice, or from

Bring: videotape or QT file of one of your completed works in film/video from a previous class to screen next week.

WEEK 2 – Sep 10

Screen: videos that students have produced in previous classes.

Discuss: basic types of shots, camera movement, terminology.

Lab: Basic camera operations, framing, types of shots, camera movement. Create long shot, medium shot, close-up, extreme close-up, establishing shot, over the shoulder shot, two-shot, three-shot, Dutch angle, pan, tilt, zoom in/out, walking with the camera.

Handout: Types of shots, framing, and camera movement. This material will show up on a quiz.

WEEK 3 – Sep 17

Screen and discuss: Camera movement (copy/paste links into your browser to view videos)

  1. Spike Lee // The Dolly Shot (on Vimeo:, or on Youtube (streams faster)
  2. Martin Scorcese’s dolly + reverse tracking shot in Goodfellas, 1990 (on YouTube at – the dolly shot is used throughout the movie; the reverse tracking shot is subtle in comparison
  3. Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights (on YouTube at – 1997
  4. Michaelangelo Antonioni’s The Passenger, 1975 (on YouTube at
  5. Spike Lee, Do The Right Thing, 1989 – Dutch angle + hand held camera (
  6. Stanley Kubrick, The Killing, 1956 ( tracking actor’s walk through an apartment & parallel shot (

Lab: Students work in groups to practice the basics of camera movement, camera angles, tripods, dollies and mounts.

Preliminary assignment due Oct 8: Create a film/video using specific types of shots, camera angles, and camera movement that we have been practicing during labs (3-5 min).

How to get certified in camcorder and tripod operations. Click here for info re certification >> Equipment_certification_info

It easy! Contact the Cage to make an appointment:
Phone: (718) 982‐2573
Visit: visit the Cage and make an appointment in person


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