About CIN 211

Department of Media Culture / College of Staten Island CUNY

Course Syllabus 211SYLL-FALL2017

CIN 211 Cinematography 4 hours; 3 credits
Mondays, 10:10AM – 2:15PM

A basic workshop in cinematography. Visual exercises will focus on techniques of composition, lighting, and camera movement. NOTE: This course has a material fee. Prereq: CIN111, CIN 120, or instructor permission

As always, art matters. Students are encouraged and expected to use this course to advance their creative skills. The course covers the language of camera movement, framing, lighting and storytelling as well as the technical aspects of equipment use. We will screen and discuss films and film excerpts in class throughout the semester.

Course Goals

Students will learn to intermediate and advanced digital editing skills. Students will learn theories of cinema editing and gain an understanding of the creative aspects of editing. This course will take students to the next level in the completion of film work and prepare them for more advanced courses in Cinematography, Documentary, and Experimental work.


Students are required to use an external hard drive (Glyph or similar drive, 500GB-1TB, USB-2/3 connector, 7200rpm) for storing class projects. Please note: CSI editing systems are Mac-based. You will not be able to use a PC-formatted hard drive or SD card with our edit systems.

Cell Phone Use
Cell phone use is prohibited during class hours.

Course syllabus, videos, images and other material will be posted regularly on our website at: https://cin211.wordpress.com

Contact Professor Cecilia Dougherty


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