The Sony AX 2000 – we can use this one, too!

There are four of these Sony HDR AX-2000 camcorders available for our class (200-300 level production classes) to check out for use. It’s a lot like the Sony FX 1000, but it records onto an SD card rather than videotape. Besides the convenience of the record media, it’s a lighter weight camera, and might be more fun to use with a Flowpod than the heavier Canon XH A1 or the Sony FX-1000.

Here’s the complete manual >> SonyAX2000

and here’s a video about it >>


The Lens

The more you know about the lens, the functions of the lens, and the simple rules and configurations that you can set up with lens functions, the easier it will be to create the images you want. The basic things to work with to get your best shot:

  • aperture & f/stop settings
  • depth of field / area in focus
  • gain control – remember to always shoot at lowest gain level

These are discussed in the videos below. Watch and learn!

A Simple Explanation of F-Stop

. . . further explained here, but don’t worry about the math, just concentrate on the concept and the relationships described between aperture and f/stop value . . .

A Simple Guide to Depth of Field

An add-on about Gain Control: (more information is better)
A Simple Explanation of ISO for Digital Photography and Video

Camera techniques, shots, movement: Camerawork!



Best Link to TYPES OF SHOTS:

Film Riot – Turn Your Tripod into a Dolly or Jib! + how to use specific shots, angles, focal length (good info, but there are lots of ads):

VariZoom flowpod Manual